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What does a paper engineer do?
I don't remember my careers advisor mentioning it as a possible career option.

Well, I am a paper engineer and this site will show you what I do and what can be achieved with paper engineering. Most people will be familiar with some simple pop-up books from their childhood, but I hope that by browsing this site you will see that pop-ups (or paper engineering) can be used for many types of book. If you are not already a lover of the magic of pop-ups, I hope you will learn to appreciate them and the work that goes into creating interactive, pop-up books.

I have been a paper engineer for about twenty years and most of the items on this site have been partly or completely paper engineered by me but I also include works by other paper engineers in the History section to give a wider view.

Welcome to Mark Hiner's website about paper engineering and pop-ups.
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I would like this web site to become a useful resource for those interested in paper engineering and pop-up books so if you have any contributions, please contact me.

From time to time I will update the site with further details and information as time permits.

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